How to Make Your Restaurant Food Instagram-Worthy

Over the past few years, Instagram has become a hotbed for snapshots of the restaurant industry’s most delectable dishes. From getting the word out about new dishes to drumming up feedback directly from customers, social media is an easy and cost-effective marketing tool for you to generate buzz about your restaurant within the local community and beyond.

As an added bonus, the best food pictures taken by you and your customers can also be used on your website or shared on social media.

Here are four tips to help you and your diners take Instagram-worthy pictures of dishes crafted in your kitchen.

Stock up on white plates

While colorful plates and linens can help liven up an atmosphere, they may also distract diners from your restaurant’s main attraction – the food. With minimal, all-white plates, you have the opportunity to showcase the natural colors of your ingredients. Not only will the neutral background help colors pop, but it also gives your back-of-house staff the chance to add their own flair to dishes. Dressing up plates with garnishes or sauces can open the door for culinary creativity without drawing attention away from the food.

Let in natural light

Natural lighting can help bring out the best in your restaurant’s dishes. Consider shutting off fluorescent lights and pulling back the blinds while the sun is shining. It may even be a good idea to explore the possibility of an outdoor patio once temperatures begin to rise. From summer sunsets to city skylines, visually-stunning backgrounds may help set pictures of your restaurant’s dishes apart from the competition – and attract customers to take in the view while enjoying your restaurant’s cuisine.

Invest in greaseproof paper

Beloved by many, tasty deep-fried snacks can be found on restaurant menus around the world. By serving French fries and chips in greaseproof paper, you can make fried foods look as good as they taste. In addition to keeping grease stains under control, layering a few sheets of greaseproof paper underneath fried goodies also gives you the opportunity to prevent oil or grease residue from seeping into the rest of your dish  – and the paper is often environmentally-friendly.

Get in position

Photography is all about finding the right perspective – and snapping shots of your restaurant’s cuisine is no exception. Although professional-grade cameras and most smartphones feature wide-angle lenses that are ideal for overhead shots, you don’t have to stick with the same perspective for all of your photos. From scooting back in your seat to standing up, consider trying anything and everything to find the angle that best captures your dish.

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