How Restaurants Can Market Non-Meal Delivery

It’s easy to organize the average day around three distinct meal times, but few people restrict their eating to just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between doughnuts, smoothies and handheld wraps, most restaurant menus don’t only target the square-meal crowd either – nor do their delivery services.

Generating business during off-peak hours can help restaurant revenue reach the next level, but owners and managers need to make customers aware of their non-meal menu possibilities first. Here are four restaurant marketing tips to get diners hungry for non-meal delivery.

Bank on breakfast (for people who don’t really eat breakfast)

Despite recent headlines questioning breakfast’s reputation as the most important meal of the day, research indicates that U.S. breakfast consumption will grow five percent by 2019. But rather than sitting down for full plates of eggs, bacon and bagels, more people are opting for small, portable breakfast snacks like smoothie bowls, yogurt parfaits and bars. Consider sending targeted emails and promo codes about your on-the-go breakfast options late at night or first thing in the morning to capitalize on this growing food trend.

Play up your healthy snacks

Over the past few years, snacking has evolved from food trend to phenomenon. Eighty-three percent of consumers snack on a daily basis, up from 76 percent in 2014. But many diners aren’t settling for potato chips and candy bars – one-third would buy snacks from restaurants more often if healthy options (i.e., hummus, grain bowls and fruit salads) were available. Promoting and offering specials on your nutritious small bites will have diners reaching for your menu, rather than the snack aisle, for a mid-day nosh.

Support the office hero

Free eats in the office is a timeless food trend and guaranteed way to put smiles on employees’ faces. According to our research, 57 percent of workers think food perks make them feel more valued by their employers, and half say eating with colleagues facilitates stronger working relationships. Running “employee appreciation” specials for edible perks that feed a crowd (like doughnuts, cupcakes or nachos) can encourage non-meal delivery throughout the 9-to-5 shift.

Bring happy hour to diners’ doors

For many, happy hour is the light at the end of the workday tunnel – but bars aren’t the only ones that can satisfy this demand. Restaurants can play to the after-work and post-gym crowds with beverage-specific delivery discounts between the lunch and dinner rush. Rather than limiting happy hour specials to alcohol, build promotion around your restaurant’s appetizers and beverage specialty, be it juices, shakes or homemade sodas.

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