How Restaurants Can Capitalize on Facebook Live Videos

Facebook’s video streaming service, Facebook Live, has gained major traction with brands recently. Instead of recording and posting a video to your news feed, you now have the option of 24-hours streaming capabilities.

And for restaurant owners who leverage social media marketing, this presents a great opportunity to switch things up – and give diners a front row seat into the happenings of your restaurant.

Facebook Live can help your restaurant better engage with customers by sharing restaurant news and updates in real time. Here are three ways to make the most out of Facebook’s 24-hour video function:

Tease upcoming menu items

Diners are always ready for new items to hit the menu. As much as they love hearing about new dishes, seeing them is even better. The next time you’re thinking of adding items to the menu, consider streaming your “test kitchen” on Facebook Live, to give diners a glimpse at new recipes. You can share everything from discussions about new dishes with your head chef to actual food preparation.

If you want to make your audience feel like they’re really involved, communicate directly with viewers. Facebook Live has a comment feature that lets viewers and brands respond instantly, so you can gauge diners’ reactions to potential menu add-ons.

We partnered with Bareburger and Uno Pizzeria & Grill to tease some special items they were offering for New Year’s Day.

Promote new location openings

Consider using Facebook Live to give customers sneak peeks prior to a grand opening or restaurant expansion. If you’re undergoing construction, take them on behind-the-scenes tours of the site, sharing the different areas of the restaurant, and plans for what it will look like once completed. When you build up the anticipation through videos, diners will be more eager to visit your new location when it’s open for business.

Stream events and gatherings

If your restaurant is hosting a private or limited-attendance event, Facebook Live enables your Facebook followers – including diners, critics and others – to get an inside look. Next time you host a private party, fundraiser or new menu reveal that requires tickets, use Facebook Live to share it with diners who couldn’t attend. They’ll feel included in the festivities and have even more incentive to snag a spot the next time you hold a special gathering.

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