How Restaurant Delivery Can Increase Overall Order Volume

The food delivery trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, three in five U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout at least once a week.

Even if you already have a successful pickup business, delivery has been proven to make overall order volume go through the roof without taking away from existing business. According to recent data, 60 days into launching GrubHub Delivery, restaurants experienced an average of five times growth in daily order volume compared to their pre-delivery average.

Following are several benefits of delivery that lead to an increase in total order volume.

Outsource administrative tasks

By not only adding delivery but also working with a restaurant delivery service, your restaurant can outsource administrative tasks. This saves your employees time so they can focus on providing the best customer service possible and spend less time on the phone while preparing more orders. A restaurant delivery service takes the time to hire on-demand drivers based on experience and extensive background checks, handles such administrative tasks as scheduling and insurance, and manages the influx of orders. By managing the influx of orders, a restaurant delivery service ensures delivery is handled quickly and efficiently, even as your restaurants see exponentially more orders.

Reach new customers

Adding delivery and online ordering opens up the opportunity for an entirely new customer base you might not have been aware of. Some potential customers likely haven’t frequented your restaurant in the past because it is not in a convenient location based on where they work or live, or they simply prefer ordering in rather than dining out. Open your doors to this new segment of customers by offering delivery options, and you’ll see an increase in order volume and revenue.

Create a convenient customer experience

Your restaurant may have seen success in the past due to a popular special, exceptional customer service, convenient location or another factor. Such criteria keep loyal customers coming back for more, but that doesn’t mean these customers always have the time or means to make the trip to your restaurant. Your customer might be stuck at work, at home sick or simply not feel like visiting your restaurant in less-than-stellar weather. By adding delivery, not only can you reach new customers, but you can encourage loyal customers to order from your restaurant more often. If you don’t currently offer delivery and plan on adding the option, make sure to inform your loyal customers right away, so they can be among your first delivery customers. When doing so, include a reminder that your dine-in and takeout options are still available for customers as well.

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