How Online Ordering Will Look In 2019

Online ordering and off-site dining has grown three times faster than traditional dining, revolutionizing the restaurant industry within just a few short years.

The technology supporting online ordering is rapidly developing to support it by offering better service and opportunities for customers and restaurateurs alike.

Here is snapshot of some of 2019’s innovative advancements and exciting trends in online ordering.

Mobile Payment Options

Consumers are paying with their digital wallets more and more every year. In fact, 39% of all smartphone owners have a mobile wallet application.

This growing next-gen payment trend is convenient and beneficial for both restaurants and customers:

  • Easy and Secure. Customers love the convenience of paying with their smartphone and the security of not having to use their credit card. Diners paying through Venmo can split the bill, and both Venmo and Apple Pay apps allow users to easily reimburse each other.

    Restaurants also benefit by offering their customers more ways to pay—and they often don’t need to purchase additional hardware to do so.

  • Social Media Friendly. While commenting on social media has become commonplace, sharing mobile purchasing experiences is a growing trend.

    Through their news feed on their mobile payment app, consumers can share transactions, opinions and comments with family and friends. This social forum becomes a new channel for diners to organically become your brand ambassadors.

Ordering From Social Media

With ordering takeout and browsing social media ingrained in the American lifestyle, linking these two everyday habits together makes perfect sense.

Grubhub has partnered with the most popular social media platforms to make ordering while browsing easy and accessible:

  • Facebook. Diners can order food from their favorite restaurant’s Facebook page by clicking on a “start order” button. When that restaurant is linked with Grubhub, diners’ preferences, delivery address, and payment details are stored to make ordering ever faster and more accurate.
  • Instagram. Restaurants on the Grubhub platform can add an ordering action button to their Instagram account. Hungry diners tap on the button to begin their order, and restaurants can easily track all click-throughs and conversions.

Make Loyalty Fun

Using games to engage customers is a trend that 87% of America’s retailers plan on implementing within the next several years. Adding a fun and interactive component to your loyalty program can give customers a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment, while encouraging continued participation.

Here are some tips:

  • Play Off Your Brand. When adding any kind of a game, make it align with your restaurant concept. This will attract customers that resonate with your brand and help them deepen their connection with your restaurant. For instance, in Whopper Detour, Burger King’s app detected customers taking a “detour” (driving into a competitor’s lot) enroute to their restaurant to redeem a 1 cent Whopper.
  • Create Feedback Loops. Games where customers earn rewards for a purchase, then gain additional rewards for feedback after the purchase (to be redeemed later) loop the customer in a repetitive cycle, or loop. This encourages new purchases and increases consumer retention.
  • Learn More. Check out the different options and types of software available to help you create a loyalty program that promotes your brand and increases sales.

Restaurant Targeted Promotions

Grubhub has taken the guesswork and difficulty out of running restaurant promotions. Restaurants can create customized, targeted promotions that are easy to implement and drive orders


As online ordering continues to evolve, exciting and innovative trends such as these provide new ways for restauranteurs to engage with their customers, while providing them a more convenient and enjoyable ordering experience.


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Image: Pexels