Tis the Season for Holiday Catering

Around the holidays, a few extra hours with family and friends are priceless.

Instead of cooking up a storm, customers are trading in their kitchen aprons for catering menus. Take advantage of this chance at extra sales by giving holiday catering a shot. Offer holiday catering to attract customers who want some extra rest and relaxation as well as companies looking to host holiday-themed events.

Four out of five companies hosted holiday parties in 2016.¹ And nearly 20% of those businesses budgeted more for their celebrations than they did the year before. Ready to see if this trend can help boost your bottom line? Use the following tips to prepare for the season ahead.

  • Pare down your menu. Create a catering menu that features your most popular dishes, but try to choose options that are easy to prepare and transport. Have a dish you can’t bear to leave off the list? Try whipping up a simplified version that includes all the flavor without the added complexity.
  • Sort out delivery. Need help getting catering orders from point A to point B? Grubhub for Work has you covered. Whether you’ve got an order for a bustling holiday celebration or a catered lunch, Grubhub can help meet all of your delivery needs.
  • Dish out roles and responsibilities. When catering orders come in, avoid confusion by clearly explaining which employees are responsible for the heavy lifting. Vacations or sick days may throw a wrench in your plans, so be ready to adjust on the fly.
  • Shout it from the rooftops. From social media to targeted marketing campaigns, a range of marketing tactics can pique interest. Build awareness by including flyers or promo codes for your holiday catering alongside delivery and takeout orders.

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¹Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.