The Best New Year’s Resolution for Your Restaurant

Now is the perfect time to choose a New Year’s resolution for your restaurant — and reducing food waste is a good place to start.

Not only can slashing food waste benefit the local community, but it also helps improve your bottom line. Every dollar spent reducing food waste in a restaurant produces about $14 in savings.¹ Better yet, properly disposing of extra food can help attract environmentally conscious customers. Nearly 6 in 10 consumers would choose a restaurant based on its eco-friendly practices.²

Kick off your resolution to cut down on food waste in 2018 with the following tips.

Shake up your menu
A little creativity goes a long way in reducing food waste. Serve up tasty new dishes to make the most of surplus ingredients, while also keeping your menu fresh and exciting all year long. Draw inspiration for even more delicious ideas by browsing wastED — a community of professionals from across the industry committed to eliminating food waste.

Turn food waste into gold
Food that’s past its prime or can’t be used in other dishes is often perfect for composting. This organic recycling method can help reinvigorate a garden and reduce spoilage, and it starts by simply adding a layer of soil to an easily accessible trash can. Ask staff to toss food scraps and other organic waste — like vegetable peels, coffee grounds and old spices — in the bin.

Dish out donations
Sharing unsold food with those in need has never been easier. Whether through mobile apps or user-friendly websites, technology platforms make donating food convenient. Look no further than Feeding America’s donation platform MealConnect to see how you can easily take part in food recovery and hunger relief efforts. Keep an eye out for more information on how Grubhub can connect your business with local charities in need of food donations.

We’re just getting started with ways to jumpstart your business in 2018. Fill up on restaurant tips and tricks all year long by subscribing to The Tip Jar!


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²National Restaurant Association