Disrupting Delivery: How Grubhub is Helping Restaurants Do Delivery Right

Demand for restaurant delivery is at an all-time high — and will continue to heat up in the coming years.

Grubhub is known for connecting restaurants with hungry customers, but we also help restaurants fulfill their online and mobile orders. Grubhub Delivery is our restaurant delivery service that’s designed to grow your business by handling every aspect of the delivery process.

From tracking orders to enhancing the customer experience, here’s how Grubhub Delivery will take your restaurant’s delivery to the next level:

  • Giving you access to a fleet of drivers who handle deliveries while you focus on what you do best — making great food.
  • Expanding monthly takeout revenue by an average of 30%. In fact, just one year after joining Grubhub, our restaurant partners experienced six times greater monthly takeout revenue than restaurants not using the service.
  • Growing your existing delivery offering. Even if you already have delivery in place, a restaurant delivery service like Grubhub can help you grab a bigger piece of the pie.

Check out this video to learn more about how Grubhub is disrupting delivery.

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