What Breakfast Foods Get Americans Going?

For restaurants looking for ways to drive more revenue, offering breakfast takeout may be a worthwhile option. According to an analysis of a year’s worth of orders placed between 6-11 a.m. from GrubHub’s restaurant network, breakfast and coffee orders have surged nearly 50 percent since 2011

Perhaps fueled by a growing awareness of the health risks, including high blood pressure and weight gain, consistently linked to missing breakfast—a meal many consider the most important meal of the day. Whatever the reason, breakfast takeout is on the rise and restaurants are taking notice.  A recent industry report on breakfast menu trends and insights reveals that breakfast is available at 49% of restaurant locations nationwide, and that availability of breakfast has been steadily increasing over the past year.

Who’s Ordering Breakfast Takeout?

Our analysis found that women are 20 percent more likely to order breakfast than men and 26 percent more likely to order coffee beverages than men. We also discovered that the average order time for takeout breakfast is 9:45 a.m. and that orders peak on Saturday, followed by Sunday, Thursday and Tuesday, respectively.

What’s For Breakfast?

Despite an increasing number of breakfast options and innovations, GrubHub data reveals that traditional breakfast choices, including eggs and coffee, still comprise the most common morning meals. So what are American’s ordering for breakfast takeout? Popular Breakfast Foods

Where is Breakfast Takeout Happening?

In mapping breakfast consumption across the country, GrubHub analysts found that diners in Phoenix and New York City order the most breakfast for takeout, while New York City and Allentown, Pa. are the leading cities for the most takeout coffee orders.

To see the complete list of cities and additional details on the study click here