Tapping Into the Power of Personalized Menus

Customers aren’t afraid to mix and match ingredients. In fact, 72% expect restaurants to accommodate special requests.1 Give customers the power they crave with personalized menus.

Up to 15 million Americans have food allergies, including nearly 6 million children.2 Personalized menus not only meet the need for customization, but also cater to the requirements of customers with food allergies and other dietary restrictions.

Not sure how to start personalizing your menu? These 4 tips can help get things cooking.

  1. Put the right technology in place. Invest in an online ordering tool that makes it easy to sub out different ingredients and even indicate how a dish should be prepared. A customer who enjoys an especially rare burger or pizza with extra crispy crust won’t have to worry about whether his or her preferences are satisfied.
  1. Loop in your staff. Give your front- and back-of-house staff a heads up before introducing any new menus. Use opportunities for discussion — such as individual check-ins or staff meetings before each service — to clear up any confusion before personalized orders start to trickle in. Welcome feedback before, during and after rollout to quickly spot and solve problems.
  1. Get the word out. Leverage social media to shed light on your restaurant’s new offerings. Social media ads help raise awareness among a specific segment of customers, while mentions of your restaurant from the customers themselves can boost engagement. Encourage customers to post their customized menu items across social media. By sharing some of the top ideas, you can reward current customers in addition to giving others a taste of what’s possible.
  1. Offer up suggestions. Keep track of a customer’s order history to help speed up ordering. Instead of browsing through an array of ingredients, returning customers should have the option of choosing their favorite dish in just one click.

A growing number of customers are aiming to get creative with their dishes. Serve up the power of personalization to take your revenue to new heights. From implementing an online ordering solution to marketing on social media, the 4 tips above promise to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

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2Food Allergy Research & Education