The Best Strategies For Attracting New Customers To Your Restaurant

So much emphasis is placed on retaining existing customers, but it is equally as important to attract new customers.

The following creative strategies will help you attract these new diners that are essential to building your business and keep them loyal.

Promote Through Online Ordering and Delivery

Online ordering and delivery is quickly becoming a must-have service for restaurants to capture and retain new customers—particularly millennials.

Here are some of the ways online ordering platforms, like Grubhub, can help restaurant owners bring in new customers:

  • Open your Digital Doors. Online ordering exposes your restaurant to many potential new customers. In fact, 90% of Grubhub customers discover restaurants they wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of.
  • Entice with Promotions. With Grubhub’s promotions control panel, restaurants can log in and select options to easily create promotions to attract new customers. These programs can be tracked and refined to yield the best results.
  • Capitalize On Delivery Demand. With 60% of Americans ordering delivery or takeout every week, providing delivery can help you reach those customers who can’t, or don’t want to dine out.
  • Tap Into the Lunch Market. The corporate lunch crowd demands fast online ordering and delivery service. With Grubhub, corporate customers can enjoy easy group ordering services, receive discounts, consolidated invoicing and more.

Online ordering also makes it faster and more convenient for individuals to order ahead and quickly pick up take-out on their lunch hour, rather than standing on line.  

Get Creative On Social Media

No campaign to cultivate new customers would be complete without social media. This low-cost marketing strategy allows restaurants to engage directly with customers while promoting their brand.

Use these simple techniques to extend your reach and exposure on social media:

  • Facebook. Along with posting relevant content and allowing diners to “check in”, use the events app to highlight weekly specials and events, run a fun poll to get people involved, and encourage diners to leave Facebook recommendations and reviews of your restaurant.
  • Instagram. You can make a splash on this highly visual platform by asking local food bloggers to post about your restaurant, always use descriptive, branded hashtags when sharing images, and post during times when people are thinking about eating (i.e., lunch time, after work).
  • Review Sites. Since 53% of Millennials use reviews to help them make dining decisions, it’s important to get your restaurant on multiple review sites, monitor and respond to all reviews as promptly, and encourage your customers to leave reviews.
  • Brand Ambassadors. Free Wi-Fi allows diners to promote your restaurant on social media by “checking-in” on social media, posting food pictures and branded hashtags, leaving reviews and more.

With these creative marketing suggestions, you have begun to formulate your own plan for attracting new customers without breaking the bank.

Expose Your Business To New Customers Through Catering.

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