The Best Marketing Tactics To Attract Customers

As a restauranteur, you know cooking up success in your restaurant calls for a mixture of delicious food blended with excellent customer service and a good measure of marketing acumen.

By using the following strategies, your marketing efforts will produce a higher yield of customer attraction and retention.

Create A Unique Selling Proposition

One of the best tactics you can deploy is to identify and promote your unique selling proposition (the distinct value you offer customers that other restaurants don’t). This capitalizes on your strengths, attracts the right diners, and differentiates your restaurant.

Here are some helpful tips to start:

  • Determine What Makes Your Restaurant Special. For instance, you may guarantee the best prices in town, have a homey atmosphere, use only sustainable ingredients, offer the fastest delivery, or offer a unique signature dish, etc.
  • Identify Your Ideal Customer. Create a profile of who your specialty speaks to: families, health-conscious millennials, affluent foodies, etc.
  • Put It All Together. Write a statement that pitches the value your unique selling proposition offers your target customer.

Viola! You have now crystalized an influential message that will resonate with your demographic.

Sharpen Your Social Media Strategy

It’s no secret that social media is a fantastic way to engage with today’s diners. In fact, Grubhub reports that a majority of restaurants use social media to market their establishment.

Here are some tactics to make the most of your social media marketing efforts:

  • Stay Engaged With Your Facebook Community. Post regularly about events, specials, staff bios, new menu items, and other relevant content. Be sure to respond to all comments and questions, and encourage customer participation by allowing them to “check-in,” leave comments, and post reviews.
  • Make Instagram A Snap. Check out Grubhub’s tips on making food Instagrammable.
  • Tweet Responsibly. While you can easily cross post on Facebook and Twitter, that may not be the best strategy. Some believe Facebook is best for more developed content that builds deeper relationships, while quick alerts and updates (posted more frequently than Facebook) are perfect for Twitter. Just don’t overdo it.

Perfect Your Website

Creating a winning strategy for your website is important, since it’s often the first impression you’ll make on a prospective customer. Use these tactics from Grubhub to position your brand effectively and make it easy for customers to learn more about you:

  • Keep It Current. An outdated website will make even the best marketing message fall on deaf ears. Grubhub reports that modern websites should be mobile-friendly (most restaurant searches are from smartphones) and responsive (design adjusts for all devices).
  • Market Through Your Menu. Your menu speaks volumes about your brand. Create a text version of it (making it more searchable by customers and search engines) and link to it from the top of your website.
  • Optimize Your Website. SEO is not an exact science, but there are strategies to help get your website higher up a google search results page. Check out Grubhub’s “Intro to SEO” to make your website easier to find online—one of the best tactics for attracting new customers.

Use Diners As Influencers

Another great tactic is to use existing customers as brand ambassadors. Grubhub suggests a few simple strategies to parlay their enthusiasm and peer influence into organic marketing campaigns:

  • Give Them A Voice. Encourage them to write reviews and rate your restaurant.
  • Create A Sharable Atmosphere. Provide free Wi-Fi, great lighting, attractive table settings and more to make it easy to post, tweet and share their posts and pics.
  • Take The Lead. List branded hashtags on menus and table cards to help them consistently promote your brand.

Along with these effective marketing tactics, consider partnering with Grubhub. Thousands of restaurants have catapulted their market reach by partnering with Grubhub, exposing themselves to more customers.

Are you a new restauranteur? Check out Grubhub’s tips for marketing a new restaurant.

Image: Pexels