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So you’ve implemented GrubHub online ordering to bring more orders and greater efficiency to your restaurant, but are you doing all you can to capitalize on your investment?

Here are four tips and tricks from our restaurants on how they make the most of their presence on GrubHub.

Activate upselling

A little nudge never hurt anyone. When your restaurant uses GrubHub for online and mobile ordering, you can set your menu to automatically recommend extra dishes or add-ons when certain menu items are selected. For example, an Italian restaurant might suggest an extra side of marinara when a calzone is added to the order. Upselling via GrubHub requires no staff training, puts no pressure on the customer and results in larger ticket sizes for your restaurant. Ready to activate upselling? Just contact your GrubHub Account Advisor to add the functionality to your restaurant menu.

Create coupons

Did you know that restaurants can create their own coupons on GrubHub? Whether the goal is to introduce a new menu item, increase ticket sizes or generate loyalty, coupons catch the eye of value-driven diners. The best part? Coupons can be added, changed or removed as you, the restaurant owner, see fit. Experiment with coupons on GrubHub, and your diners might be checking out your menu more often to see what new offers are available that day.

Optimize delivery

According to the National Restaurant Association, 80 percent of millennials say they are likely to order delivery from a limited-service restaurant. GrubHub even offers a restaurant delivery service for restaurant owners who want professional, knowledgeable delivery drivers but don’t want to deal with the operational overhead of managing a delivery program including scheduling, insurance and tip-outs. For those that do delivery themselves, your GrubHub Account Advisor can help you optimize your fees, minimums and delivery zone to ensure you are attractive to local diners.

Analyze data

With online ordering from GrubHub, restaurant owners have detailed access to their order data. Through dedicated, secure accounts, restaurant owners can access their restaurant sales data from a tablet or computer. Metrics such as month-over-month order volume allow owners and managers to review the restaurant’s performance, spot trends and identify new opportunities for growth.

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