4 Keys to Running a Successful Restaurant Social Media Contest

So, you’re on social media and looking for a new – and inexpensive – way to grow your presence. Consider adding social media contests to your restaurant marketing strategy.

Not only do social media contests engage your customers and boost brand awareness, they can also drive more customers to your restaurant to cash in on deals or other promotions. Here are a few tips to building a successful social media contest for your restaurant.


  1. Define Your Goals
    What do you want to get out of the campaign? Do you want to generate more Facebook likes or drive more people to your website or restaurant? Maybe you want to stock up on testimonials or customer-submitted photos of your food or get more subscribers for your email list.You can’t accomplish every goal in one contest, so choose your highest priority and work backward from there.


  1. Merge Online and Offline
    Pick a specific platform to host your contest on, but promote it across all your social media channels. If you’re hosting a contest on Facebook, drive more eyeballs by promoting it on Twitter and Instagram as well.And don’t forget to promote your social media contest in your restaurant. Include information with the check or receipt that allows customers to participate.


  1. Keep it Short
    As you know, customers don’t like to wait. Social media contests should be long enough to generate ample entries, but short enough to keep customers interested. Most successful contests will run anywhere from a few weeks to a month.


  1. Be Specific
    Be clear on the contest specifics up front. When you’re announcing the contest, include all the information a customer needs to know. For example, customers have until the end of the week to submit their best Instagram photo of a meal at your restaurant. You’ll announce the winner within two days, and the winner will receive 50 percent off their next meal.

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