3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line

The restaurant industry is growing — with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Industry sales are expected to reach $799 billion this year alone while employment will creep toward 15 million, highlighting a market opportunity many will find hard to resist.Âą

Use the following 3 tips to boost business and make sure your restaurant stands out in the crowd.

1. Make the mobile move

Smartphones have quickly become a staple of society. In fact, just under 60% of all searches are made from a mobile device. When it comes to the highest share of mobile search volume, the food and beverage industry takes the cake with more than 70%.²

Satisfy the appetites of these busy customers with a mobile-friendly website. The easier it is to navigate, the better chance you have of attracting on-the-go customers. If you don’t have time to incorporate a responsive web design or easy-to-tap elements, check out how Grubhub’s convenient mobile ordering can still help you ride the mobile wave.

2. Address customer feedback

Responding to negative reviews may not be your favorite part of the job, but it’s an important one. About 9 in 10 customers say they’d be in favor of a company reaching out to them if they left a negative review.³ Demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond by thoughtfully responding to negative reviews.

Apologizing for a poor experience and sharing a solution will show your commitment to keeping customers happy. And happy customers are more likely to keep coming back for more. In fact, just a one-star improvement in your restaurant’s ratings can have anywhere from a 5-9% effect on revenue.4 Use Grubhub’s best practices to make sure you’re responding to negative reviews in the right way.

3. Enhance your delivery

The U.S. food delivery market is projected to skyrocket from around $11 billion to more than $200 billion by 2020.5

Meet this growing demand with a fast and efficient delivery service — and increase your bottom line along the way. Reduce the costs that come with a delivery service of your own by outsourcing. Grubhub can handle the entire delivery process, saving you money and freeing up you and your staff to focus on creating delicious food.

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