3 Things Restaurants Can Do to Increase Takeout Orders

With 4 in 10 people often lacking the energy or time to cook at home, takeout has become part of the American lifestyle—contributing to 44% of all restaurant sales.

Restaurants that up their takeout game position themselves to tap into this dining trend. Consider these 3 strategies to help your restaurant attract more takeout customers and increase takeout orders.

  1. Faster Expediting = More Customers Served

Getting your restaurant set up properly to accommodate takeout orders at your restaurant will help you maximize your takeout revenue. Follow these suggestions to streamline takeout operations and increase customer turnover:

Takeout staging area. Set up a separate area in the back of the house marked and reserved for processing takeout orders only. Stock the area with everything needed to process orders: packaging supplies, utensils, POS monitors, and more. A designated, organized space will enable staff to expedite more takeout orders as quickly as possible.

Alternate Payments. Statista reports that 39% of diners prefer purchasing their food with mobile payment apps (i.e., Venmo, Paypal). These alternative payment options speed up the payment process allowing more orders to be processed in a given amount of time. Customers simply hold their device to a card reader or pay from funds in their account.

Consistency. Establish a well-organized flow to increase the order processing rate and efficiency. Grubhub suggests having the same ticket move with the order throughout the entire process—including using it for double-checking and identifying the bag.

2. Restaurant-Quality Food in Every Bag

Diners today expect takeout orders to have the same quality and freshness as food served onsite at a restaurant. In fact 60% of them claim this is the most “critical factor in ordering delivery.” Make sure to uphold essential standards for every takeout order to create loyal, repeat customers. Grubhub suggests the following:

Quality Control. Create a separate menu for takeout and delivery, removing any items that won’t hold up. Check out Grubhub’s tips about the best food for transporting.

Temperature. To make sure proper temperature is maintained, pack hot and cold items separately.

Packaging. To uphold the integrity of the food during transit, choose the right size container for each item, seal everything tightly, and put sauces in a separate container.    

3. Marketing Takeout to Customers

Marketing your takeout service will differentiate you from competitors—keeping your brand present in the minds of your takeout customers, and giving them reasons to keep coming back.

Here are some ideas:   

Spread the word. Start a social media campaign to promote or launch your takeout service. Follow it through with any print ads you run, menus and signage in your restaurant, and on your website with an online ordering link.

Promotions. Nearly all diners have searched for restaurant deals at least once. In fact, 80% of people will most likely be persuaded to try a new restaurant if a deal is being offered.

Daily Specials. With Grubhub, it’s easy for restauranteurs to quickly update their menus and create daily specials within a matter of minutes. This is a great way for restaurants to move product and even boost sales on traditionally slower days.

Loyalty programs. 65% of Americans participate in at least one restaurant loyalty program. Loyalty programs can help you gain repeat business, re-engage with loyal customers and attract new ones, and collect customer information.

By focusing on these 3 strategies, you can grow your takeout operation to increase sales and boost profitability for your entire restaurant.

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