3 Restaurant Management Techniques for 2017

Strong restaurant management is the cornerstone of business success. The way you manage front-of-house staff, customer service and more are all part of the formula for making your restaurant a favorite for diners.

What can you do in 2017 to stay fresh and continue attracting diners both old and new? Consider revamping your restaurant management techniques and incorporating food and industry trends for the new year:

Stay ahead of new regulations

This past year introduced several new restaurant regulations, including wage increases  – in some major cities – and national overtime laws. It can be overwhelming to implement new rules if you don’t fully understand what they mean for your business. To keep employees engaged and happy  – and maintain compliance – familiarize yourself with new state regulations. Once you better understand how changes will impact your restaurant, sit down and talk through changes with restaurant staff so that everyone is on the same page.

Take advantage of technology

There’s no shortage of technology to make managing your restaurant simpler and more efficient. Still using a pen and paper to take down reservations? Consider software that enables diners to book reservations online. Or list your restaurant on sites like OpenTable. Do customers need to call in for to-go and delivery orders? Ditch the phone and use third-party ordering software to streamline the process. Relying on technology for these tasks means you can focus on the aspects of your restaurant that can’t be managed by a computer – such as the customer experience.

Follow the latest food trends

While your restaurant menu might have at least a few customer favorites, it doesn’t hurt to follow food trends and experiment with your menu. For example, locally-sourced ingredients are on the rise  – 68 percent of diners are more likely to visit a restaurant that serves locally-sourced ingredients than one that does not. Food sourcing and farm-to-table practices are important to diners. Consider revisiting your food sourcing strategies, and working with local farmers to buy ingredients. You’ll earn favor with diners, and gain a competitive edge on restaurants that don’t focus on sustainable, healthy food practices.

Any time you make a change to your menu, make sure to touch base with all staff members to explain why you made the change. This can ensure your back-of-house staff is preparing the best dishes possible, and your front-of-house staff can answer any questions diners might have about the new menu.

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