3 Easy Ways To Show Your Delivery Drivers Some Love

It’s that time of year again — love is in the air and customers are ready to celebrate with a delicious meal. And while you’re busy preparing for the increase in diners and online orders that typically happen on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember your delivery drivers.It’s estimated that 3 in 5 U.S. consumers order delivery more than once a week.¹ As the popularity of food delivery continues to grow, keeping your delivery drivers happy remains a critical part your delivery process.

Show your delivery drivers how much you appreciate their hard work with these 3 tips.

  • Ask for help when needed. Help your delivery drivers by calling for backup when the demand for online orders surges. Outsourcing your delivery to a third-party like Grubhub can help alleviate the stress on your drivers when online orders increase. While it can be hard to predict upticks in order flow, try to plan ahead and have additional drivers at the ready for big holidays or your busiest shifts.
  • Keep training top of mind. Your delivery service and drivers are an extension of your restaurant. Make sure drivers are trained properly from the start and that their training continues over time. Not only is it key for drivers to understand their role, but they also need to know how important they are to your business.
  • Increase efficiency by going digital. To make the delivery process easier for your drivers, consider integrating with online ordering. Streamlining your ordering process will increase efficiency and ensure both customers and drivers are kept happy. Grubhub for Restaurants provides tools to manage your deliveries, cut down on processing time and boost order accuracy — all things that will help your delivery drivers do their job better.

Focusing on the satisfaction and experience of customers is vital for any restaurant, but be mindful that your staff needs love too. Make sure your delivery drivers feel appreciated and valued year-round by testing out different ways to show them you care.

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¹National Restaurant Association