3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Restaurant Delivery Services

Ordering food delivery is no longer a luxury – three in five U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout at least once a week, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Among millennials, these habits are magnified: 80 percent are likely to opt for delivery from limited-service restaurants.

The demand for food delivery service is clear, but for restaurants new to the delivery game, the logistics of getting started can be daunting. To address these challenges, some businesses choose to outsource their delivery services rather than run them in house.

Here are a few of the key advantages to partnering with a restaurant delivery service. And if you’re looking for more delivery trends and tips, read our new whitepaper, The Restaurateur’s Guide to Delivery.

Better serve new and existing diners

Unless you operate multiple restaurant locations across a large market, there are probably plenty of potential diners who don’t live or work near your business and haven’t heard of you. Partnering with a food delivery service like GrubHub lets you start reaching new diners (and build sales volume) in a matter of weeks. Delivery is also a selling point for existing diners who love your menu, but can’t trek out to your restaurant due to work, weather or other factors.

Eliminate the guesswork of making delivery profitable

When contemplating whether or not to offer delivery, a restaurateur’s main concern is often, “How can I guarantee a worthwhile return on investment?” By outsourcing your food delivery service,

you only pay for the completed orders so there’s no need to worry about reaching a certain order volume to make delivery profitable. Your restaurant also receives the third-party expertise necessary to ensure successful operation, including setting the right delivery boundaries and  order minimums for the area.

Avoid an HR headache

Launching a delivery offering also requires a slate of HR tasks, from hiring and onboarding drivers to managing their schedules, insurance and specialized payroll needs. Outsourced providers typically handle all driver-facing administrative responsibilities, freeing up you and your existing employees to focus on the dine-in and takeout business, restaurant promotions or long-term strategic planning.

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