Best Practices for Restaurant Advertising

Whether you’re a brand new restaurant or an industry veteran, chances are you’ve probably relied on some form of advertising – or at least considered it. To promote your restaurant, maximize online advertising opportunities and use digital strategies to connect with today’s on-the-go customers.

Restaurant Advertising: Online, Offline or Both?

At GrubHub, we use online and mobile food ordering to bridge the gap between hungry diners and local restaurants. But one of the first questions restaurant owners and managers usually ask about restaurant advertising is whether it’s more effective to advertise online or offline.

  • Online Restaurant Advertising. As a restaurant owner, it’s essential to have an online presence to connect with diners. Web-based advertising is more affordable than offline advertising and allows you to engage diners in two-way digital conversations—advantages you can’t achieve with offline ads.
  • Offline Restaurant Advertising. Despite the popularity of online ads, offline restaurant promotion still has tremendous value. For example, strategic flyer campaigns or billboards can increase your restaurant’s visibility in the local community.

But here’s the catch: with offline advertising, it’s even more important to understand your goals before you invest. If you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of money on print ads or other offline tactics that deliver little return on your investment.

Best Practices for Restaurant Advertising

Off-the-cuff advertising decisions are dangerous. The most effective restaurant advertising campaigns are strategic and incorporate several best practices, including:

  • Strong Restaurant Website – Your restaurant’s website is the cornerstone for all your online and offline advertising activities. Your site needs to be solid and feature high-quality images of your menu items.
  • Mobile Optimization – Mobile advertising is a must-have for local restaurants—and that means you’ll need to make sure your website is mobile-optimized so it’s viewable by customers using smartphones or tablets.
  • Promotions, Deals and Discounts – Coupons, discounts and other types of promotions permeate restaurant advertising campaigns because they motivate diners to choose your restaurant over the competition.
  • Visible Signage – Signage represents diners’ first exposure to your restaurant. If your signage is old, outdated or hidden, it may be time to reinvest and increase your visibility in the local community.
  • Email and Newsletter Campaigns – Don’t overlook the importance of email in restaurant advertising. By developing a robust online mailing list, you can perform opt-in campaigns featuring newsletters or other content.

As the leader in online and mobile takeout food ordering and delivery, GrubHub improves the impact of your restaurant advertising efforts. Visit our Restaurant page to learn how we can help you connect with more local diners in your city.