Managing your Grubhub menu within the Grubhub for Restaurants platform

Did you know your menu plays the most significant role in determining your restaurant’s success on Grubhub?

It’s essential to make it easier for diners to order from you by including mouth-wasting menu descriptions and menu photos. In our experience, restaurants that follow menu best practices, such as adding pictures and descriptions, receive as much as 70% more orders and 65% higher sales compared to restaurants that do not. 

To help you get started with your menu within your Grubhub for Restaurants account, we’ve put together this introductory guide that highlights the basics of managing your menu, including adjusting or updating menu items make adjustments, and add menu photos. 

If you are a current Grubhub Restaurant partner interested in learning more about managing your menu, please sign in to your Grubhub for Restaurant’s account and navigate to the Help Center. 

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Managing your Grubhub menu within the Grubhub for Restaurants portal

When you log into your Grubhub for Restaurant account, navigate to the lefthand sidebar on desktop, or the three-bar icon in mobile, to access the ‘Menu’ screen.

From your menu screen, you can easily find your menu items using the search bar located at the top right of your screen. In addition, you can view the following:


Help differentiate and organize the various offerings on your Grubhub menu, such as desserts, drinks, and different food types. When diners view your restaurant, they use sections to navigate through your menu.


give your customers the option to customize their orders. Examples include dressing options, topping choices, extra add-ons, or even the option to remove ingredients.


 Designate what times of day or days of the week menu items are available. 


 Within your menu, you can include:

  • Drink sizes (such as 8 oz, 16 oz) 
  • Pizza sizes (14”, 18”, 21”) 
  • Or entree portions (half or full)

How to add or update menu items within your Grubhub for Restaurants account

To add menu items, please follow the following steps:

  • Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account
  • Select the Menu tab from the left sidebar or the icon on mobile.
  • On the left hand of the page, select a menu Selection, and then the + add item button on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Fill out the details of your new menu item in the Add New Item window using the Info & Modifiers and Availability & Labels tab.

For more information on adding menu items, please visit the Help Center within your Grubhub for Restaurants account. 

You can also update menu items and adjust menu prices from the Menu tab in your Grubhub for Restaurants account.

How to update a menu item within your Grubhub for Restaurants account

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account.
  • navigate to your Menu in the righthand dashboard
  • Find the menu item you want to edit by typing it in the search field within the menu dashboard or by selecting the Section the menu item is located within.
Screenshot of the search field you can access from your menu dashboard
Screenshot of the menu sections dropdown within your menu dashboard
  • Select a menu item to edit the item details
screenshot of a menu item within Grubhub for Restaurants portal

From Info and Modifiers tab, you can update:

    • Item name

    • Description

    • Menu section

    • Base price

    • Photo

    • Availability

    • Modifiers

From the Settings and Labels tab, you can update: 

  • Item availability schedule
  • Labels

Adding photos to your Grubhub Menu

Adding photos to your menu attracts more customers to your menu and drives more orders. With menu photos, you can make a great first impression by showing customers what your restaurant’s all about with beautiful photography of your signature dishes, boost sales, and enjoy greater advertising opportunities with Grubhub for Restaurants. 

When adding photos to your menu, whether it is a Header, profile, or logo image, it’s important to understand how it will appear.

How your photos appear on Grubhub infographic

How to add photos to your menu

  • Log in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Menu tab from the left sidebar on desktop or the menu dropdown on mobile.
  • Select the menu item you would like to add a food photo to and click the Add Photo icon
  • Once you select the photo icon you will have the option to either upload an image or import from Instagram.
screenshot of popup
To upload photos you will need to agree to the terms and conditions
    • Make sure to agree to the terms and conditions
    • Choose the photo you would like to use. 
    • The chosen photo will be in review while our automated system. After processing, the system will signify the status of the photo as one of the following:
  • Approved: image passed system criteria
  • In review: image is currently in the system processing
  • Rejected: Image did not pass system criteria

Our system checks images based on these criteria: 

  • Size/resolution
    •  Images must be at least 200×200 pixels.
  • Content
    • All images except for the logo should be photos of food. Photos of coupons, weekly specials, or restaurant interior/exterior are not accepted.
  • Text/phone number
    •  Images shouldn’t have text or words on them, including the name of the dish, coupons, or special deal information. Logos cannot have the restaurant phone number included.
  • Safe search
    •  Images cannot contain images flagged for adult content, violence, or medical (i.e. gore/blood).
  • Copyright
    •  Images must not return matching URLs from reverse Google image search.

To learn how to add photos from your desktop, mobile, or Instagram account, please sign in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account to access this help center article. 

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5 Things That Make Diners Come Back

As a restaurant owner, you know that retaining existing customers costs less than recruiting new ones.

The secret to bringing diners back lies in perfecting the customer experience. Here’s how:

#1: Serve Great Food

Your passion for serving great food is probably why you opened a restaurant in the first place. Here are just a few reminders on how to keep customers hungry for your food:

Get Back to Basics. Taste, temperature, and presentation deliver the quality customers expect.

Refine Your Menu. Make any necessary modifications or deletions to create a well-conceived, streamlined menu. Keep it simple for customers to read and manageable for your kitchen to produce.

Be Consistent. Regular customers often return for the same dishes. Keep them satisfied with consistency.

#2: Practice Great Customer Service

Customer service is often the differentiator that sets your restaurant apart from the rest. If your servers use these techniques to take care of diners, they’re more likely to return.

Smile and Listen. Customers like to be served by familiar servers that are friendly and competent.

Be Respectful.  Always be respectful of customers, even if they are not.

Go the Extra Mile. Patrons will appreciate someone who goes above and beyond to take care of them. Also, learning repeat customers’ names and preferences will make them feel welcome.

#3: Keep it Clean

Nothing turns off customers more than a dirty restaurant. In fact, lack of cleanliness is linked to low customer retention.

Here are a few areas to keep spic and span:

Restrooms. A third of customers will never come back to a restaurant if the bathroom is dirty.

Tableware. Make dishes and plates sparkle to keep customers happy.

Packaging. Grubhub advises using appropriately-sized delivery containers with proper seals (keeping sauces separate) to help food arrive looking clean and appetizing.

#4: Perfect the Art of Solving Problems

How you handle inevitable customer complaints can lose customers for good, or convert them into more loyal patrons than if they hadn’t experienced a problem at all.

Here are some tips:

Online Reviews. Respond quickly and sincerely to every review—good and bad. Grubhub offers these tips.

Ask for Input. In delivery packages, a printed flyer asking for customers to call with feedback can avoid a bad online review and help earn that customer’s continued patronage.

Be Professional. Really listen to the customer’s complaint, don’t be defensive, never raise your voice, and always present a solution.

#5: Give Incentives

Offering incentives for return visits helps build long-lasting relationships.

Here are just a couple of suggestions:

Coupon Codes. Everyone loves to receive a discount. Restaurants that partner with Grubhub can reward both loyal and new customers with coupon codes and other promotions.

Buy One, Get One. People often bring in friends with BOGO offers. You just might pick up an additional new steady customer.

Loyalty Programs. Most Americans participate in at least one restaurant loyalty program. Loyalty program members feel more connected with the brand and also spend more than non-members do. Grubhub suggests utilizing your POS system, or customer-facing digital rewards programs through social media to reward customers for loyalty.

These tips will keep your customers coming back for more, while helping you grow your restaurant and become more profitable.

Read more about making memorable customer experiences.

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Year in Review: Top Restaurant Tips from 2016

Another year is under way, and with it, comes new and exciting opportunities to reach more customers  – and keep current ones coming back for more. To kick off 2017, we’ve pulled together our top tips from “The Tip Jar” in 2016. Whether you’re a new restaurant owner or a seasoned pro, looking to improve your revenue or hoping to enhance the customer experience (and in turn, ratings) these tips will help you start 2017 right.

Increase (and improve) your ratings and reviews

Embrace the power of diner feedback. We’ve found that when customers peruse restaurant menus, they not only look at your star rating, but also focus on the quality of the food, accuracy of the order and timeliness of delivery. Grubhub collects ratings from customers after every order that touch on these three facets. To see how customers rate you, visit your Grubhub menu to take a look at your reviews. Harness the power of restaurant reviews, and if needed, check out our guide on how to respond to the negative ones

Make your menu more enticing

Diners eat with their eyes, so be sure to incorporate enticing food photos. Images are the number one request we receive from Grubhub diners. In fact, including a photo can increase sales of that menu item by up to 30 percent. Check out our guide to Restaurant Food Photography and encourage customers to take their own by making your dishes Instagram-worthy. Once you’ve captured those mouth-watering images, share them with us here and our team will add them to your restaurant’s menu page.

Another way to keep your menu enticing is to switch things up. As long as you keep the crowd pleasers on the menu, consider experimenting with seasonal ingredients or even a menu design refresh. With our Grubhub for Restaurants platform, we make it easy to keep your menu fresh and exciting. Update your menu on the platform and diners will see your changes instantly.

Also consider adding coupons, which can increase the average order size by 11 percent.

Make ordering easier

Ease of ordering can make or break the customer experience. If you don’t already have one, add an online ordering option to your website. Not only do customer expect this option – 32 percent of millennial diners want to order on tech – but it will also save your staff from spending time taking phone orders. Partnering with a trusted site, like Grubhub, let’s you add greater capabilities to your restaurant, bringing in more orders and reaching more customers. Want to know more about how Grubhub can help your restaurant? Check out our post on how to make the most of the Grubhub platform.

Do delivery right

When it comes to delivery, it’s essential to keep your delivery times quick and avoid delays at all costs. For restaurants with delivery times within 45-60 minutes, we’ve found that decreasing your ETA by just 5 minutes can increase the number of orders by up to 15 percent. That’s an extra 15 orders for every 100 you receive. Decrease your delivery times, by following these three tips.

If you make your own deliveries, try to keep delivery fees and order minimums as low as possible. We found that 80 percent of the time, Grubhub diners choose restaurants with delivery fees under $3 and 90 percent of orders are placed with restaurants that have delivery minimums of less than $20.

It’s also important to extend the customer service standards you have inside your restaurant to your delivery diners as well. To ensure all diners experience excellent service, ensure your staff is properly trained to handle delivery and be sure not to fall prey to these common delivery pet peeves.

Ready to reach new customers and grow your business with Grubhub? Sign up today!

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