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Why Grubhub?

  • More orders After joining Grubhub, restaurants' takeout order volume increases by an average of 30% annually.
  • Proven ROI with no upfront cost Restaurants who join Grubhub see 6x growth in revenue annually versus restaurants without.
  • Marketing invested in your growth Grubhub’s restaurant partners have opportunities to opt into, and participate in far-reaching marketing initiatives.
  • Technology that integrates with your business Grubhub partners with a growing list of POS system providers to integrate your delivery business into your everyday operations.
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How Grubhub works

The Grubhub delivery and self-delivery process is quick, and easy.

  • A diner orders on Grubhub.com or the app
  • We send you the order via our restaurant platform
  • A Grubhub driver or your driver delivers the order
  • The diner is enjoying your delicious food in no time

More orders, custom options

Grubhub is driving business for restaurants with options to reach diners anywhere.

  • Delivery

    Offer delivery through on-demand Grubhub delivery drivers or with your existing staff.

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  • Marketing opportunities

    Reach new customers through emails and coupons while rewarding loyal diners with targeted offers.

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  • Online ordering link for your site

    Drive more takeout orders from your site with custom, Grubhub-provided tools.

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Connect with more customers from your POS

"Once I had the Breadcrumb POS Grubhub integration in place, I also flipped the switch on offering online ordering during my lunch hour...I would estimate that since the integration we have increased our online ordering by 30 to 40 percent."

Peter Kammerer, GM, The Sandwich Hut

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70% of customers agree that technology speeds up service and increases order accuracy.

View "The restauranteur's guide to online ordering" to learn more about implementing technology at your restaurant.

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