4 Qualities of an Effective Online Ordering System

A reliable, user-friendly online ordering system is an important sales channel for any restaurant. Not only does it connect you to more hungry customers, but it also makes your operations more efficient.

GrubHub’s online ordering system enables restaurants to maximize their order flow and improve operational efficiency through an easy-to-use platform that requires minimal training while delivering big results. Based on our years of research, development and testing, here are four key qualities that define an effective online ordering system.

  1. Brand Recognition and Reach. It’s a simple principle – more visibility means more orders. If you’re considering an online ordering system to attract and reach new customers, implement one that diners are already using.
  1. Dedicated Customer Service. Just as you take customer service very seriously, look for an online ordering platform that is just as dedicated to the customer experience. In addition to providing quality service to your customers, the online ordering service you select should also be responsive to your needs.
  1. Customization. An online ordering system needs to serve you — not the other way around. The ideal online ordering system should be easy to implement and become a part of your restaurant’s existing processes. With GrubHub, you can choose how you want to receive and confirm orders and set default delivery and pickup times based on the capacity of your kitchen and delivery staff.
  1. Full Tech Support. As a restaurant owner you have a wide range of skills in your toolkit, but software development may not be among them. GrubHub’s service professionals are available by phone or email when restaurant owners need help. Whether helping with an order, redefining delivery boundaries or just discussing opportunities to increase order volume, GrubHub’s team can provide the technical assistance you need to run your business without a hitch.

At GrubHub, we help restaurant owners connect with and serve more hungry diners using our convenient online and mobile ordering platforms.

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