4 Huge Benefits of Outsourcing Restaurant Delivery

Outsourcing is a powerful tactic used by businesses in every industry to manage costs while focusing on core competencies – so what about outsourcing restaurant delivery?

Traditionally, offering delivery required restaurant owners to staff, pay, insure and manage delivery drivers – a burden that too often outweighed the benefits. But now, restaurants can add delivery services without the traditional risks and costs.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Restaurant Delivery

Outsourcing restaurant delivery is a quick and easy way to tap into the high demand for door-service meals, because it enables:

  1. Access to a reliable network of drivers. Don’t let the time and money that goes into finding delivery talent deter you from offering customers the ease and convenience of delivery. Outsourcing restaurant delivery means gaining access to polished and experienced delivery drivers.

  2. A scalable delivery solution. Just like in-person visits to your restaurant, delivery order flow will vary depending on season, day of the week, time of day and special events. When you outsource your restaurant delivery service, you can tap into a large pool of on-demand drivers and quickly adapt to diner demand without worrying about over or under staffing. Plus, if you partner with GrubHub Delivery, you only pay for the orders we deliver.

  3. Shifting liabilities off your balance sheet. A sales channel that is only growing in popularity among diners, restaurant delivery offers ample opportunities for restaurant growth. Traditionally, that opportunity also required the costs of driver paychecks and tip-outs, as well as extra insurance. That’s not the case when restaurant delivery is outsourced. Those fixed costs and liabilities are moved off your books.

  4. Tools for delivery management. The uptick in order flow triggered by a new delivery program can be overwhelming at first. GrubHub Delivery provides an easy-to-use app for restaurant managers who want to manage the influx of takeout orders and arrange for the drivers to get them out the door.

With GrubHub Delivery, restaurant owners reap the benefits of an efficient and professional delivery service while avoiding the costs and risks traditionally associated with it. When your restaurant is outsourcing restaurant delivery with GrubHub, you have access to drivers on demand and the support of our 24/7 Customer Care staff. Plus, you don’t have to pay salaries, insurance or tip-outs.

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