4 Food Photography Tips for Restaurants

Today, you can showcase your restaurant’s food to potential customers through more channels than ever before. While professional food photography remains the best option for menus, advertising and websites, new social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent options for sharing your restaurant’s photography to current patrons and future customers.

4 Tips for Creating the Best Food Photography for Your Restaurant

Whether you go with the pros or go it alone, it always helps to know the best practices of food photography. Here are several tips to improve the quality of the images that help connect your restaurant to hungry diners.

  1. Story: Even though your snapshot will be just one frame, it can still tell a story. Whether or not your restaurant photography is telling a story (such as the origin of your dish’s ingredients) or simply showing off the beauty of your dishes, the goal of your food photography will inform how you shoot it.
  1. Scale: How close do you need to get to your food? The scale of your photo will determine how much detail your audience sees. You can also pull back the scale and show how certain meals are presented, or demonstrate full courses and drink pairings. Whether your subject is large or small, how you capture it all depends on the scale.
  1. Angle: The angle of your photograph affects your viewer’s perception of the subject. As you experiment with different approaches, objects can look larger and smaller in relation to other elements in the frame. Get creative, but be aware of how the angle of your food photography might impact your diners’ expectations when they order particular menu items.
  1. Lighting. Now that you’ve arrived at an idea of how you’d like to position the camera in relation to your subject (the food), consider how you can use lighting to your advantage. In food photography, lighting affects how clearly your audience sees the elements of the picture: the color, shadow and the mood of your final photograph. Are you going for classy? Fun? Artsy? The lighting of your restaurant photography can help.

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