3 Ways to Collect Restaurant Critic Reviews

A few words of praise from a respected restaurant critic or influencer can be enough to convince some hungry diners to choose your restaurant over the competition. Attracting restaurant critics, however, is no easy task. Follow the three tips below to get critics and influencers excited about dining with your restaurant.

Usher in change

Restaurant critics are always on the lookout for new and exciting developments. Give them something to talk about by implementing a few changes of your own. Whether it’s hiring a new head chef or adding some flair to the menu, your restaurant can make headlines in more ways than one.

Consider reaching out to restaurant critics in your area to ensure such news doesn’t go unnoticed. Speaking directly with critics and influencers will give you an opportunity to explain how the changes will make your restaurant’s dining experience better than ever before.

Commemorate a special occasion

Raise awareness of your restaurant throughout the local community by hosting special events such as an anniversary celebration or an annual charity fundraiser. The more buzz surrounding your restaurant, the better your chances of racking up restaurant critic reviews. Remember to send personalized invitations to restaurant critics a few weeks in advance so that they have enough time to clear their calendars.

Host media dinners

Make sure restaurant critics and influencers are the first to know about big changes coming to your restaurant by inviting them to an exclusive unveiling. From a new menu to a redesigned dining area, getting a firsthand look at significant improvements to your restaurant will give critics plenty to share with their readers.

Even more importantly, these private dinners will give you a chance to begin building relationships with members of the food elite. Before long, you’ll know the best ways to get a hold of restaurant critics and influencers next time a newsworthy story comes down the pipeline.

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