3 Restaurant Marketing Strategies Your Restaurant Needs

There are an overwhelming amount of restaurant marketing strategies out there for restaurant owners and operators. If you blindly pick a strategy without carefully evaluating how much it can help your restaurant, you risk investing time and money into a strategy that produces only meager results.

Every restaurant needs a strong marketing plan for success. When you take the time to thoroughly plan and develop the right strategy, you can attract more customers, gain visibility and increase store revenue.

4 Online Restaurant Marketing Strategies

At GrubHub, we believe that developing a marketing strategy for your restaurant shouldn’t be a time-consuming, headache-filled endeavor. Instead, it should provide an opportunity to explore new and creative methods for reaching out to customers. And in the digital age, now is the time to explore an online approach to reach diners.

Here are four restaurant marketing strategies worth considering:

  1. Social Media – A strong social media presence provides an opportunity to distribute brand messaging and connect with diners. Additionally, customers can interact with each another, sharing your restaurant page within their social networks. The best part? Building a social profile is free, making it a great option for small, local restaurants that don’t have huge marketing spend.
  1. Restaurant Website – Before ordering online or heading out for a bite, the vast majority of diners will search a restaurant’s website to view the menu or make a reservation. That’s why it’s important that your restaurant’s website is interactive and user-friendly, meaning that it should be responsive on mobile devices for customers searching on-the-go. You’ll also benefit from optimizing your website content with keywords that will increase your rankings in local search results.
  1. Online Ordering – Your customers are ordering food online – but are they ordering it from you? More customers than ever are using online ordering platforms to place takeout and delivery orders online. By implementing an online ordering system, such as GrubHub, you’re allowing loyal customers to order from you in a new way while simultaneously placing your restaurant in front of thousands of hungry diners. Better yet, online ordering with GrubHub requires a very low investment and you only have to pay for the orders you receive.
  1. Email Marketing – Nearly everyone uses email, which is why email marketing and newsletters should be at the top of your restaurant marketing strategies But that doesn’t mean that you have to inundate customers’ inboxes. Instead, use emails and newsletters to share coupon codes for discounts, limited-time menu offerings and more. Not only will you reach a much larger customer database, but you’ll also be more cost-efficient since there won’t be a need to print and mail coupons or discounts.

At GrubHub, we’re dedicated to much more than online ordering. When you partner with us, we help you grow your business and bring more hungry diners through the door. In addition to online and mobile ordering solutions, GrubHub also provides our members with free custom websites and the benefits of our top-notch email marketing and social media teams.

Let us make your restaurant the go-to choice in the neighborhood. To learn more about GrubHub’s restaurant marketing strategies, visit our Restaurant page.