3 Considerations for Implementing New Restaurant Technology

Restaurant technology can be a game-changer for your business. More and more restaurants are taking advantage of digital and mobile technology to increase efficiency and grow their revenue – and it’s these restaurants that are outpacing the competition.

When evaluating new technologies to implement in your restaurant, seek out solutions that can help your restaurants in the following ways:

  • Expand brand reach. Implementing restaurant technology for order processing can have far-reaching effects outside of the restaurant itself. Hungry diners are searching for and finding nearby restaurants through search queries, social media and word-of-mouth. Consider using an online ordering platform that introduces your restaurant to more people who are hungry and ready to order. Not only will you increase your chance of landing a sale, but you’ll also be top-of-mind the next time that customer’s stomach starts growling.
  • Increase efficiency. The best restaurant technology does one thing – it makes your life easier by making your processes and employees more efficient. Restaurant technology should let you spend less time taking orders and more time making them, which is exactly why we developed OrderHub. With OrderHub, you can confirm orders with just a few clicks, instead of via fax or phone. The more that technology can save time and make better use of your resources, the more valuable it becomes.
  • Encourage repeat business. There’s no business like repeat business. The fans, patrons and aficionados of your restaurant are your most valuable assets. An investment in restaurant technology that enables repeat orders, saves payment information or makes it easier for customers to continue to frequent your establishment is money well spent.

At GrubHub, we help restaurant owners spend less time taking orders and more time making orders. Rather than spending minutes on the telephone, your employees can spend seconds confirming orders with the click of a button using GrubHub restaurant technology.

Want to learn more? Visit our Restaurant page to discover how GrubHub can help your restaurant unlock efficiencies and grow your customer base.