3 Challenges Solved by a Restaurant Delivery Service

Using a restaurant delivery service (RDS) for your business is an enticing prospect. A restaurant delivery service allows you to reach more diners – particularly millennials who often prefer to eat prepared meals at home – without the added burden and liability of hiring, training and insuring your own crew of delivery drivers.

3 Challenges Solved By a RDS

Restaurants of all shapes and sizes are under pressure to generate more revenue, and as a result they’re looking into delivery as a means to increase sales volume.

These are the three challenges of delivery that are easily resolved by using a restaurant delivery service:

  1. Finding, training and retaining quality drivers. When hiring a delivery driver, owning a car isn’t the only qualification. You need professional, responsible drivers with customer service experience who can serve as an extension of your restaurant brand. Finding, training and retaining suitable drivers is no small task, so let a restaurant delivery service handle it for you.

  2. Keeping up with expenses. While the revenues gained through delivery are always welcome, the costs of managing delivery on your own can quickly add up. The cumulative effects of salaries, insurance and tip-outs can weigh down profits and leave many restaurant owners wondering if delivery is worth the trouble. Instead, consider using a restaurant delivery service, and only pay for the orders that are delivered.

  3. Optimizing delivery efficiency. When handling delivery independently, it can be a struggle to manage logistics and the ins and outs required to do delivery well – especially when you’re trying to oversee in-house operations simultaneously. An ideal restaurant delivery service offers the tools and technology to easily track and manage real-time delivery activity, which results in more efficient operations.

GrubHub Delivery allows restaurant owners to avoid the hurdles of introducing and running a restaurant delivery service altogether. GrubHub provides your restaurant with trained drivers available on demand, as well as the support of our 24/7 Customer Care staff. Plus, you don’t have to manage scheduling, demand planning, tips or get extra insurance. Working with a restaurant delivery service is a path to restaurant delivery without the traditional challenges of offering delivery.

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