How to Market Healthy Menu Items to New Year’s Resolution-ers

New year, new resolutions. When the ball drops and 2016 is officially in the rearview, your diners will start making good on their New Year’s resolutions ranging from spending less money to spending more time with family – and perhaps most famously, eating healthier. Continue reading

3 Ways Upscale Restaurants Can Market on Social Media

Nearly 60 percent of chain restaurants along with 75 percent of independent restaurants use social media – and for good reason. New features such as Instagram “Stories” have made it easier than ever before to engage loyal diners and attract new ones. Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Rebranding Your Restaurant

From attracting new diners to closely meeting the ever-changing needs of loyal customers, rebranding your restaurant can be an effective way to increase sales. Thinking about trying it out? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you along the way. Continue reading

Top Podcasts for Restaurateurs

For restaurant owners and operators who might not have enough hours in the day to carve out time for researching the latest trends, podcasts can be the perfect solution. Podcasts are an easy, schedule-friendly way for restaurant leaders to get a quick dose of professional development. Continue reading

How Restaurants Can Capitalize on Facebook Live Videos

Facebook’s video streaming service, Facebook Live, has gained major traction with brands recently. Instead of recording and posting a video to your news feed, you now have the option of 24-hours streaming capabilities. Continue reading

How Restaurants Can Market Non-Meal Delivery

It’s easy to organize the average day around three distinct meal times, but few people restrict their eating to just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between doughnuts, smoothies and handheld wraps, most restaurant menus don’t only target the square-meal crowd either – nor do their delivery services. Continue reading

3 Ways to Manage Rising Restaurant Costs

Do rising restaurant costs have you scrambling for ways to save money? You’re not alone. Keeping costs under control is a top priority for restaurant owners. Continue reading

5 Fun Ways to Encourage Diner Loyalty

Diner loyalty is more than a feeling. Not only does it guarantee repeat business, it also generates the positive word-of-mouth that drives new customers through your door. Continue reading

How to Respond to Negative Restaurant Reviews

With every less-than-perfect review comes the opportunity to improve your restaurant. Not only can a few words of criticism highlight areas of your restaurant that need tidying up, but they also give you the chance to win over a disgruntled diner. Continue reading

5 Restaurant Marketing Tips to Attract Millennials and College Students

College students are known to indulge their take-out and delivery cravings throughout the school year, but exam time brings restaurant order volumes to a new level. Our own research found that food deliveries to college libraries are 154 percent more likely during exams than any other time during the semester. Continue reading

How to Make Your Restaurant Food Instagram-Worthy

Over the past few years, Instagram has become a hotbed for snapshots of the restaurant industry’s most delectable dishes. From getting the word out about new dishes to drumming up feedback directly from customers, social media is an easy and cost-effective marketing tool for you to generate buzz about your restaurant within the local community and beyond. Continue reading

5 Helpful Hints for Marketing Your Restaurant Franchise

If you’re an aspiring restaurateur, restaurant franchising can offer you the opportunity to work with an established, proven restaurant brand. Once the paperwork is finalized, one of the next steps is to get your restaurant marketing up and running. Continue reading

4 Ways to Capitalize on the Lunch Crowd

When the clock strikes noon Monday through Friday, hungry diners leave their desks in search of food to help them power through the rest of the day. In fact, one study found that 66 percent of working Americans buy their lunches instead of bringing food from home. Continue reading

5 Ways to Attract Restaurant Critics (and Win Them Over)

Food trends come and go, but one thing that may never fall out of vogue is the power of a positive review from a restaurant critic. Between social media and down-to-the-minute news cycles, a glowing recommendation from a reputable local or national source can travel fast – and be more cost-effective than buying ad space. Continue reading

6 Steps to a Successful Restaurant Opening

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant in 2016? It’s time to get started now. From hiring a top-flight chef to narrowing down your target market, a restaurant opening requires months of preparation. Continue reading

4 Ways Restaurants Are Personalizing the Dining Experience

Just as restaurant marketing has shifted from one-way messaging to two-way conversations over social media, the dining experience itself is getting more personal. Continue reading

5 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Your Restaurant

December is crunch time for restaurant owners and managers. Between orchestrating special holiday promotions and adjusting schedules to accommodate employees’ time off requests, you have to (somehow) carve out free hours to plan restaurant marketing strategies for the year ahead. Continue reading

3 Ways to Incorporate Seasonal Items into Your Menu

Throughout the year, diners enjoy various seasonal and holiday-themed menu items and are more likely to give their business to restaurants with seasonal options. Continue reading

How to Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

As a restaurant owner, you probably turn to a variety of marketing channels to attract new customers. But sometimes, customer acquisition can be as simple as encouraging your loyal customers to become brand advocates. Whether through social media or word-of-mouth, consumers appreciate recommendations from friends and family when choosing a restaurant. Continue reading

6 Tips for Running a Winning Restaurant on Football Sundays

On football Sunday, new and regular diners alike are going to rush your restaurant from every angle. Consider these tips for getting the most out of one of America’s favorite sports, and you’ll be ready for the ordering onslaught. Continue reading

How to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Google Maps Listing

Customers are constantly searching the Web for food choices that satisfy their cravings. Often, the time they spend researching restaurants is limited to a few minutes and a handful of top-rated results on Google. Given this tendency, here are several ways you can optimize your restaurant’s listing on Google Maps. Continue reading