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New Customers. More Orders. Essential technology.

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What we do for restaurants like yours.

You have food to sell. We have people to feed. Every day, we bring new customers and more orders to the thousands of restaurants we promote through GrubHub. We also offer a combination of class-leading technology and 24/7 Customer Service to help make running your restaurant as efficient as possible. Better yet - it's free to be featured. You only pay when we send you orders. Learn More

How we help you find hungry diners.

You can only hand out so many menus. We help by putting your menu on GrubHub for the world to see and order from, using computers or mobile phones. We also attract diners through advertising, so you can bring in even more orders while providing technology that allows your customers to track their orders' progress – leading to happier, repeat customers. Learn More

Who orders from GrubHub?

Your future customers are online and in search of food. They're young, smart, and order often. Many get delivery or takeout at least once a week. They would be fans of your food if only they knew about it.

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